手作りCafeスイバ ☆suiba☆

とことん手作りにこだわったカフェです。ゆったり空間で、おくつろぎください。 Cafe Suiba is completely hand made!! You may feel free and relax with our ethnic foods!



Helpers Wanted!! For making guest house.... the 2nd year

Imaginating the future...

We are looking for someone who is interesting in helping to build a guest house together.
Hi, I'm an owner of Hand-made cafe Suiba at east Hokkaido.  Suiba was also made of all by handmade with my friends. We've found how wonderful to create all things by our own hands. And then, we have been challenging to make a new guest house at the mountain sight. Finally, I found one amazing place such as I've ever dreamed. It had a panoramic view with perfect sun set on holizon and great ocean view! 
  That's so wonderful if there was a cozy home in such a nice place! And it would be too nice to share the process with many friends all over the world. We are recruiting volunteers to work together. 
We never ask whose special skills or experiences like as a professional carpenters. Why not to join us, if you are very interesting in making something by your hands, self-build or just loving the nature.
I promise all days you will spend here should be your treasure of worth for your life.

Term:  July ~ November
              minimum 3days! longer is more welcomed!!
Time:  9:30 - 16:00 (Monday to Friday) ** incruding lunch and tea break
Stay:   Free share house is provided at Shari city.  separated bed room of man and woman are available if you needed. There are all facilities for your normal life. 1minutes to super market by running!
Access: car is most welcomed!!
Address:  Shari city Hokkaido. Give you detailes by e-mail.

Welcome funny helpers from all around the world.
*** Please contact me if you are interesting in this works***

my wife &daughter🍖

me with daughter and Chai🍱

The road to the sky

Singaporean helpers in 2017                             

cuting boad by lovely couple

super helper of neighbor friend


enteance of bath room

the roof top of the guest house

sunset from the roof top
We are looking forward to seeing new and old friends here!!

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